Lovely, friendly staff. So much to keep the children entertained for our session there. It was great to see the kids in my class being kids!!! Getting dirty, wet, running around a space - no electronics! The only time they went in was to chill out in the sensory room. I will definitely be back again. Thanks to the staff for the lovely hot chocolate WITH marshmallows!!!  Absolutely brilliant. Keith not only makes everyone feel very welcome and included but also went out of his way to make our experience the best it could be. Can't recommend enough!   A wonderful morning. Keith looked after us very well. the children loved playing and having time outside.  The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves at sycamore adventure and were immediately confident to explore the different areas. It was a great opportunity as their class teacher to see the children in a different environment.   A great afternoon, young people had freedom to explore, we saw young people who are usually very cautious being more confident and independent. An invaluable resource. Many thanks.  
Sycamore Adventure

Sycamore adventure is somewhere where children can be free. It is a space where play is prioritised. It is an adventure playground where Playworkers advocate children's right to play. We aim to provide wold class play opportunities for all children. We aim to offer a space which invites a wide menu of play and a staff team who are trained and knowledgeable in playwork and who's primary function is to promote the play process.