It's great to see our young people in a setting where they can be free from the restraints of the classroom, making independent choices, interacting together and most of all having fun. The facilities are fantastic and get better and better on each visit. Thank you for a lovely morning.   It is great for our students to have the opportunity to engage in free play independently and with their friends. They benefit from running around and choosing their activities. There is so much to choose from they never loose interest. Thank you very much for offering us the free sessions.  Many thanks to Will for all of his support - the HI Service had another fantastic day with our students gaining in confidence and making new friends. They are already asking when we will be coming again! It is the highlight if our school year.   Had an amazing day and so did my daughter, so much so she asked to come back again and bring people with her who don't know about you.  This was my first time at sycamore as a member Of staff. had a fab time, as did the fz children from the Feed back we had from them! Many thanks-see you soon! 
Sycamore Adventure

We are CLOSED on Saturday 3rd December due to our annual fundraiser taking place. We are closed to the public from Tuesday 20th December up until, Wednesday the 25th January due to poor attendance in winter months.

Sycamore adventure is somewhere where children can be free. It is a space where play is prioritised. It is an adventure playground where Playworkers advocate children's right to play. We aim to provide wold class play opportunities for all children. We aim to offer a space which invites a wide menu of play and a staff team who are trained and knowledgeable in playwork and who's primary function is to promote the play process.