A great afternoon, young people had freedom to explore, we saw young people who are usually very cautious being more confident and independent. An invaluable resource. Many thanks.   One of the only offsite places I can take my very active challenging class where they are safe to explore independently. Thank you so much, see you again soon :)   Another great morning for our pupils despite the awful weather.  Everyone had a great time. Thank you.  Fabulous and safe environment with fun and enthusiastic staff 
Sycamore Adventure

CLOSED!!! We are closed to the public up until, Wednesday the 25th January due to poor attendance in winter months.

Sycamore adventure is somewhere where children can be free. It is a space where play is prioritised. It is an adventure playground where Playworkers advocate children's right to play. We aim to provide wold class play opportunities for all children. We aim to offer a space which invites a wide menu of play and a staff team who are trained and knowledgeable in playwork and who's primary function is to promote the play process.