Will was lovely as every! Very helpful and accommodating to our group - a lovely time was had by all!  Just wanted to say a huge thank you to sycamore adventure for another fantastic party! Olivia and her friends had a fab time! Our party host Tina was great, nothing was too much trouble, very friendly and helpful! Thanks again we shall be returning!   Thank you to Will, Ash and the team for a lovely morning. Hope to see you all soon. Class 1 Old Park School  Thank you for looking after Class 1 during our recent visit. It was lovely to spend time with the students in a relaxed and safe environment. Thanks again:))) Hopefully see you soon  Our families absolutely loved it at Sycamore. Many of them live in poor housing conditions and do not have garden space. Thankyou again to Will and the team for a fabulous day. Hopefully we can get some funding and re visit in the summer. 
Adventure Centre

Sycamore adventure is somewhere where children can be free. It is a space where play is prioritised. It is an adventure playground where Playworkers advocate children's right to play. We aim to provide wold class play opportunities for all children. We aim to offer a space which invites a wide menu of play and a staff team who are trained and knowledgeable in playwork and who's primary function is to promote the play process.

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