Fantastic day for all the children and staff. The children thoroughly enjoyed their time with you. The feedback from the staff who came for the first time was they all thought it was a fantastic place to bring the children and they all had a great time.We will as always be telling all the parents about Sycamore in the hope they will visit you . Thank you so much.  All of the staff, parents and children who attended the sessions had a thoroughly enjoyable day. We can't thank Will enough for the hard work, effort and enthusiasm he showed throughout the day - running the sessions single handed. The experiences available to the families really supported the ethos of our Nursery and the independence we promote in the children. We definitely will be booking again for next year.   It was a wonderful afternoon to spend time with and play with wonderful children! There are so many lovely things on offer and we saw it through the children's eyes; adventure, excitement and the magic of play!   We had an excellent visit. It was wonderful to see so any happy faces all communicating happily, interacting with their friends and persevering with new challenges. The camp fire experience was a first for most and allowing them the freedom to run, play and explore was brilliant.   One word: AMAZING! 

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