Really impressed especially with outdoor provision and the enthusiasm of staff  Leapfrog children, staff and parents had a fantastic time on our trip to Sycamore just before Christmas. The children explored a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities, and we were all made to feel very welcome and included. Santa was brilliant with our children, and some very precious memories were made for them and their parents. Some families who hadn't been before will definitely be visiting again. Thanks to Will and the Sycamore team - we can't wait to come again. :)  Our Toddler group had a fantastic time at Sycamore, despite the rain and wind. Our parents all commented on how grateful they felt that they had somewhere safe for their children to play. We also received a lot of positive remarks about how cheap the food was as well as the portion sizes. Staff were very helpful and extremely friendly. Our staff felt comfortable in the knowledge that they had support from professional colleagues at Sycamore. There is a small issue I feel could be rectified and this is that the indoor play area is at the top of the stairs, and there are not any baby safety gates. Although it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure their children are not climbing up and down stairs unassisted, there were occasions when this could not be helped. We cannot wait to return to Sycamore.  All children had an amazing time. Staff were really helpful and understanding. Thanks again and see you soon  Very friendly staff, lots of activities accessible to all needs.  

This section stores all of our relevant documents. You can browse and download our centre policies, risk benefit assessments, promotional leaflets, child registration forms and other related information by selecting the appropriate section from the list below. Please contact us if you would like to know more about this.

Key Sycamore Adventure Policies.

  first aid policy (144.7 KB)

  Anti Bullying Policy (423.5 KB)

  Admissions Policy (216.9 KB)

  Behaviour Management Policy (252 KB)

  Comments, Complaints, Compliments (172 KB)

  Fire Policy and Procedure (357.81 KB)

  Food and Drink Policy (200.62 KB)

  Health and Safety Policy (142.5 KB)

  Health Exclusion Policy (148.39 KB)

  Inclusion Policy (176.9 KB)

  No Smoking, Alcohol or Drugs Policy (162.97 KB)

  Play Ranging Policy (306.71 KB)

  Safeguarding Policy (838.14 KB)

  Sun Awareness Policy (118 KB)

  Play work Principles (256.76 KB)

How we deal with risk on site, in balance with child benefit.
plans for the building and play space.

  Outdoor play space (3.26 MB)

  Indoor layout (279.79 KB)

News, Reports and Events
information leaflets about all services

  Poster (2.17 MB)

  leaflet (6.1 MB)

Play Week is a free family event provided by the play service every August in Dudley Parks. Information is provided in the reports below.

  Play Week 2016 (5.42 MB)

  Play Week 2015 (3.53 MB)

  Play Week 2014 (8.72 MB)

  Play Week 2013 (1.08 MB)

  Play Week 2012 (700.12 KB)

  Play Week 2011 (691.69 KB)

  Play Week 2010 (602.23 KB)

  Play Week 2009 (594.81 KB)

  Play Week 2017 (1.71 MB)

  Play Week 2018 (2.22 MB)

  Play Week 2019 (2.67 MB)

  Play Week 2019 (2.67 MB)

  Play Week 2019 (2.67 MB)

  Play Week 2019 (2.67 MB)

  Play Week Report 2021 (1.15 MB)

Our cafe menu and buffet menu

  cafe menu available on site (1.11 MB)

  party buffet menu (297.03 KB)

  October 2021 (545.25 KB)